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DARLLY is considered worldwide as one of the most important manufacturers of cartridge filters. Our customers include major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Our filters are used in various sectors of activity, including biopharmaceuticals, microelectronics, medical, agri-food, petrochemical, metal processing, automotive, electricity and water treatment.

A In order to constantly improve the efficiency of our filters in all the sectors of activity in which we are involved, the research and development carried out by our technical experts is a priority.

This knowledge and expertise is being used to improve spa and pool filters, which are renowned worldwide for their excellence. To this end, we have recently moved to a new 40,000 square metre facility, equipped with the most modern equipment.

This will allow our Research and Development sector to continue to develop, our production capacity and quality standards to be strengthened.

DARLLY is the only manufacturer that guarantees its cartridge filters for 1 year.

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