Trixie TR-4241 Catnip Spray 50 ml Games
  • Trixie TR-4241 Catnip Spray 50 ml Games

Catnip Spray 50 ml

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Catnip Spray

  • with invigorating catnip extracts
  • The catnip spray stimulates playful behaviour and brings joie de vivre and euphoria to cats thanks to the plant extract fragrance it contains.
  • depending on the character of the cats, it can also encourage cats to calm down and ask for cuddles.
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advice for use:

shake well before use.

spray on blankets, toys or objects with which the cat plays or lies down.

do not use the spray more than once or twice a week, because of its euphoric effect, which could over-excite the cat.

do not spray on the cat.


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